Performance Air Filters For Your Car

By , August 28, 2017 6:06 am


To get better performance for your car, an air filter is the cheapest way to do just that. Environmentally friendly, cost effective, and an all around great part for any vehicle.

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There are factory installed air filters and there are replacement performance air filters; both are right for any vehicle. Beyond that, a performance air filter takes off where a factory installed air filter leaves off. If you are concerned about the environment, want more power and acceleration, better fuel mileage, and are looking for all around savings than there is no better choice: buy a performance air filter for your truck, van, SUV, or car.

Yes, there are products that improve upon the original, so much so, that they are worth considering. A performance air filter is one of these products, for the following reasons:

Environmentally Friendly ?fully reusable, a performance air filter will be the last one placed in your car. Built to last, a performance air filter will likely outlive your car. Made of sturdy cotton gauze material, a performance air filter is washable and built to last for hundreds of thousands of miles. No more filling up landfills with disposable air filters! Now, go hug a tree.

More Power ?a performance air filter lets your engine breathe more freely resulting in a better flow of air and more horsepower. You’ll notice a nice improvement in acceleration too!

Better Fuel Economy ?along with more power, comes with it better fuel economy. That’s right, an engine that doesn’t have to work as hard is more efficient. Get more power and save on gas ?a great combination!

Save Money ?Yes, you will have to pay more for a performance air filter than you would with a throwaway air filter, perhaps 2-5 times as much. Don’t worry, you’ll recoup all of your money in the long run as the word “replacement?does not apply to this type of air filter.

When shopping for a performance air filter, stick with the brands to maximize your savings and to ensure that you get the part that is right for your vehicle. No performance air filter is worth purchasing unless it meets the following requirements: improved fuel economy, horsepower, and acceleration; is emissions legal in all 50 states including California; will not void your car warranty; and it works with your vehicle’s electronic system. Read up on the part to make sure that the air filter you order is right for your ride.

You can do your part to help the environment without going nuts over it. No hybrid car for you? That’s okay, a performance air filter will help you do your part to help make the earth a cleaner place. A sensible solution without all the hype.

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